Thoughts: I don’t like you!

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA I don’t like you…it’s more serious than that… Every parent has heard the phrase. “I don’t like you” …from a child displeased with the consequences, punishment, or responsibilities the parenting unit delivers. From my ministerial experiences I’ve known parents that wilted to those words…instead of raising children they … Read more

Friday Thoughts: “Go with God”

“You cannot stay where you are and go with God” – Henry T. Blackaby I’ve been reflecting on this “go with God” idea. For Noah, it meant building a boat…the first boat ever…in a time and place when there was no need for a boat. For Abraham, while living with his father, he received a message … Read more

CONSIDER: What can football teach the church?

I spent most of the afternoon watching football. TCU vs SFA (Go Frogs!) and then OU vs Tenn.  As I watched these games, with the passion and energy of each, it prompted me to ponder… What could football team the church? Passion is contagious – I am a huge TCU football fan. Last week I … Read more

Stewardship of Mission #MondayFollowsSunday

I was invited to a conversation on financial literacy curriculum for clergy and congregations. I was a guest to the group, as the members had already done a large portion of the work at a previous gathering. I was honored to be a participant in this stage of the conversation and I tried to do … Read more