From my experience with past storms…

Content is written by Rev. Mike Hunter Recent events on the Texas Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Harvey reminds me of my time-serving churches affected by Katrina, Rita, and Ike almost a decade ago. Safety first. Don’t put your staff and members in harm’s way. Be safe and support your staff in finding safety until it … Read moreFrom my experience with past storms…

You Have to Ask – 5 Steps to Asking for Money

Content is written by Rev. Micah James, CCA Recently I was having a conversation about stewardship, fundraising, and finances with a colleague in ministry. As usual, the conversation turned to budgets and the 1st quarter. “How is your church doing?”, my colleague asked. “Fine,” I replied. As it is with most conversations between ministers, we don’t … Read moreYou Have to Ask – 5 Steps to Asking for Money

Pay Attention: Internal Controls

Stories of financial impropriety are unfortunately not uncommon in the church. Just this morning another news story came up on my Google alerts – Woman accused of embezzling nearly $80K What do you do to prevent similar instances in your congregation? There are tons of resources to help start this conversation: Council of Non-Profits – Internal Controls … Read morePay Attention: Internal Controls

HOW TO: Manage Distractions

We all have them. Distractions. Some can be anticipated: phone ringing, office visitors, emails. But some can’t: power outage, tension or conflict, family emergencies, noise. In the church, there should be a theology of distractions. Some distractions invite us to share God’s grace and love in unexpected ways with each other (think Good Samaritan). But … Read moreHOW TO: Manage Distractions

Creating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

In church administration and stewardship, one of the current buzz words is “narrative budget”.  It is a counter argument to the traditional accounting budget with line items and balance sheets. It is a great tool to make the numbers on the accounting page gain life and legs as you tell the story of ministry. The … Read moreCreating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

HOW TO: Deal with Bad Customer Service

Sooner or later, the church (and its leadership) have to deal with a vendor or service provider. Most of the time, the vendors are great, prompt and offer good service/product. Occasionally, such is life, the church will have to handle that instance where contracted services are late, are poor quality, or the providers are disrespectful and … Read moreHOW TO: Deal with Bad Customer Service

Group vs. Page

Whether or not you personally believe Facebook is a worthwhile investment of time, the majority of the US population is using it.  Stats for 2013 say as many as 75% of adults who use the Internet are using Facebook.  While that doesn’t guarantee everyone in your organization is using Facebook, it will be that more … Read moreGroup vs. Page