The In-Person Meeting Is Important

Content is written by Rev. Micah James, CCA This week I am attending The Church Network 61st National Conference in the Washington, DC area. According to the TCN Conference website, the conference is described as such: Our 61st Annual Conference is an engaging, thought-provoking three-day event offering you multiple ways to network with church leaders, find … Read moreThe In-Person Meeting Is Important

Administration Aware: Gender Pay Gap

Thoughts by Rev. Micah James, CCA As administrators and leaders, we have influence in the important conversations of the church. As a female administrator and minister, I have been very fortunate that for most of my experiences in ministry have been outstandingly positive. I have been compensated well, treated with respect, and encouraged to teach … Read moreAdministration Aware: Gender Pay Gap

Intentional Collaborative Ministry

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter Very early in my ministry career I was part of a staff that intentionally made site visits part of our development. Once a year we would assess an area we wanted to focus, identify a church that did this well and arrange a visit to learn from them. We did this for … Read moreIntentional Collaborative Ministry