Friday Thoughts: Stewards Move Forward

I,  like many of you, have investments, IRA accounts, and retirement instruments.  Even the Pension Fund of the Christian Church, on which I rely for a healthy retirement, is connected to the financial markets.  I did muster up the courage to take a peek early this morning at CNN to find the market in an … Read moreFriday Thoughts: Stewards Move Forward

Friday Thoughts: Simple

  Folks communicate with preachers in a variety of ways.  Some do so via conventional means:  Phone.  Email.  Voice mail.  Letters, cards or memos.  Personal appointments or drop-in visits.  Church parking lot conversations and many more. Others are considerably more creative:  Notes scribbled on the back of anything and everything from Sunday.  Papers slipped underneath … Read moreFriday Thoughts: Simple

Friday Thoughts: Diverse Without Being Divided

As a church we can be what the world is not. We can be diverse without being divided. We can be united without being uniform. As a church we can do what the world has not done. We can include without being exclusive. We can accept and affirm without acquiescing that absolutely anything goes. We … Read moreFriday Thoughts: Diverse Without Being Divided