Administrative Basics: Understanding Financials

Content is written by Rev. Micah James,  CCA According to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, “If you can read a nutrition label or a baseball box score, you can learn to read basic financial statements.”[1] In every ministry leader’s tenure, there will be a moment where they will need to understand the financial position … Read moreAdministrative Basics: Understanding Financials

Discounted Software for Churches

from the Rev. Paul Johnson Microsoft has been setting a new pace at upgrading their customers to their new Windows 10 for free. That’s great if you have a qualifying product already but what if you don’t? Also if you have decided to use the Microsoft Cloud products 365 you can also get a “free” … Read moreDiscounted Software for Churches

Creating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

In church administration and stewardship, one of the current buzz words is “narrative budget”.  It is a counter argument to the traditional accounting budget with line items and balance sheets. It is a great tool to make the numbers on the accounting page gain life and legs as you tell the story of ministry. The … Read moreCreating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

Creating a Ministry Budget: Step 1

Budgets are complicated. Budgets are political. Budgets convey meaning and carry baggage. Budgets are important. Budgets support ministry. So how do we start fresh and gain new understanding with ministry budgets? 1. Gather the right people – It is important, as with any financial conversation, to have the right players at the table. You need … Read moreCreating a Ministry Budget: Step 1

'Tis the season to start budgeting

‘Tis the season to be jolly… or begin budgeting, whatever. If your church operates on a January to December budget cycle, now is the time to start thinking about 2016. Many churches get nervous when talking about money. Years of baggage, poor theological interpretation, awful news stories of malfeasance and just a cultural attitude of … Read more'Tis the season to start budgeting