Difference of Perspective: “Play the Sunset”

Content is written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA In one of my favorite movies, Mr. Holland’s Opus, the main character, Mr. Holland, a band director, is trying to teach a frustrated student to play her clarinet. They work for weeks and weeks, without much success. They explore the mechanics of the music, the techniques of … Read moreDifference of Perspective: “Play the Sunset”

A Quick Checklist: New FLSA Overtime Rules

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA This post is not intended to communicate legal advice. A qualified attorney should be consulted for any legal opinions. New FLSA Overtime Rules In May of 2016, the Department of Labor issued final regulations updating the salary level required for exemption to ensure that the intended overtime protections … Read moreA Quick Checklist: New FLSA Overtime Rules

NEW SERIES: Admin in Advent, Part 1

Content by Rev. Micah James, CCA Administration is an important task at any time of the year, but especially Advent. Advent is a season of beautiful traditions, meaningful worship, and community gatherings. One of the main tasks of administrators during this season is to work behind-the-scenes to make sure the focus of the seasons stays … Read moreNEW SERIES: Admin in Advent, Part 1

Friday Thoughts: “Go with God”

“You cannot stay where you are and go with God” – Henry T. Blackaby I’ve been reflecting on this “go with God” idea. For Noah, it meant building a boat…the first boat ever…in a time and place when there was no need for a boat. For Abraham, while living with his father, he received a message … Read moreFriday Thoughts: “Go with God”