How To: Deal with #FluSeason

Content is written by Rev. Micah James We all know that this flu season has been one of the worst in several years. I have experienced this personally, as I have been diagnosed, in two separate illnesses, with the two strains of the flu that are most prevalent – influenza A and influenza B. I know … Read moreHow To: Deal with #FluSeason

You Have to Ask – 5 Steps to Asking for Money

Content is written by Rev. Micah James, CCA Recently I was having a conversation about stewardship, fundraising, and finances with a colleague in ministry. As usual, the conversation turned to budgets and the 1st quarter. “How is your church doing?”, my colleague asked. “Fine,” I replied. As it is with most conversations between ministers, we don’t … Read moreYou Have to Ask – 5 Steps to Asking for Money

Pumpkins, Pies, and Poinsettias.. OH MY

REMEMBER:  Please refer to your local CPA and/or Attorney before major action. Take this information to inform yourself and your church setting so that accurate, legal and responsible action is taken. It seems as soon as the calendar turns to October 1st, the fundraiser flyers triple in my mailbox. From pumpkins, to pie, and to … Read morePumpkins, Pies, and Poinsettias.. OH MY

How to: Choose a Financial Reporting Tool

Content by Rev. Micah James, CCA Finances – an unavoidable part of the stewardship and administration of ministry. We need to be able to communicate them in a transparent and accessible way to our community. For years congregations have been using many tools to communicate the resources gathered for and used in ministry. Before we … Read moreHow to: Choose a Financial Reporting Tool

HOW TO: Analyze Giving Patterns

Content written by Rev. Micah James, CCA One of the hardest things a church has to do, in its administrative care taking, is accurately projecting and communicating income (aka gifts) to the ministry.  Being in the volatile world of non-profit income, most church’s major form of income is in the form of donations and gifts. … Read moreHOW TO: Analyze Giving Patterns

HOW TO: Prepare for a Crowd

In the weeks to come, many of our churches will have a program, worship service or event that could potentially be larger than our average attendance. So what is a church community to do when expecting a crowd… Open the Doors – I know it sounds simple, but make sure that your primary doors are … Read moreHOW TO: Prepare for a Crowd

HOW TO: Manage Distractions

We all have them. Distractions. Some can be anticipated: phone ringing, office visitors, emails. But some can’t: power outage, tension or conflict, family emergencies, noise. In the church, there should be a theology of distractions. Some distractions invite us to share God’s grace and love in unexpected ways with each other (think Good Samaritan). But … Read moreHOW TO: Manage Distractions

Creating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

In church administration and stewardship, one of the current buzz words is “narrative budget”.  It is a counter argument to the traditional accounting budget with line items and balance sheets. It is a great tool to make the numbers on the accounting page gain life and legs as you tell the story of ministry. The … Read moreCreating a Ministry Budget: A Living Narrative

HOW TO: Deal with Bad Customer Service

Sooner or later, the church (and its leadership) have to deal with a vendor or service provider. Most of the time, the vendors are great, prompt and offer good service/product. Occasionally, such is life, the church will have to handle that instance where contracted services are late, are poor quality, or the providers are disrespectful and … Read moreHOW TO: Deal with Bad Customer Service