LEADERS – Would you drive without an instrument panel?

Content is written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA Would you drive without an instrument panel? Without knowing your speed, how much fuel you had, etc., would you drive any significant distance? Perhaps a few miles in an emergency, but definitely not any great distance. It just isn’t wise and certainly isn’t a knowledgeable way to travel. Church … Read more

Gates that Open Both Ways: Healthy Friendships between Clergy & Laity

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA In recent days a good read crossed my Facebook account about the unique relationships regarding the ethics of clergy and the churches they serve.  I posted a link.  That article speaks from the perspective of former clergy still dabbling in the lives of the churches they left, for weddings … Read more

I don’t think we can do that….

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA In my coaching and consulting work with clergy and congregations this sentence comes up all too often. Usually its context is tied to some potential barrier:  cost or money (or the lack thereof), congregational size, time constraints, lack of volunteers, negative history to something similar… the list seems endless. … Read more

Thoughts: Sacred Cows

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA I find sacred cows in the strangest places… We welcome the new preacher…and keep talking about the old one Lock up the doors and turn off the lights to save money…open the doors and let the community in We’re willing to listen…unless you want to talk about “that”! We … Read more

Thoughts: I don’t like you!

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA I don’t like you…it’s more serious than that… Every parent has heard the phrase. “I don’t like you” …from a child displeased with the consequences, punishment, or responsibilities the parenting unit delivers. From my ministerial experiences I’ve known parents that wilted to those words…instead of raising children they … Read more

THOUGHTS: Advent Interruptions

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA What happens when God interrupts us? These days of the busy–ness of Christmas, most of us have long lists of “to-do’s”. Wrapping presents, scheduling parties, making sure the cards are mailed…not much time these days for interruptions. We are already overbooked and on overload. It is in these … Read more