Monday follows Sunday 3/2/15

Each Monday, we hope to share a tip or strategy for making the most of your Monday.We hope that you go into Monday with the same energy and focus as you would a Sunday.

This week’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought:

Recently a clergy colleague of mine posted this on his Facebook feed:

“I’ve always hated the board/cabinet/department model of church ministry….at least I thought I did. It turns out I actually love it, the way it covers the necessities and encourages collaboration.

Turns out, what I’ve hated has been churches not doing it right. I’ve hated churches saying they’re doing it but actually relying on the minister to do everything. I’ve hated 2-3 people running everything. I’ve hated boards giving power to people who refuse to even be present.

Turns out, we’re really lucky to be in a church that is doing organizational things well so that we’re a healthier organization. And guess what a healthy organization gets to do? Focus on bigger things, like sharing the actual gospel…”

 It got me thinking…

When was the last time you reviewed how you conducted your meetings?

How do you develop your church leadership? Have you trained them in how a church meeting could be a healthy, powerful tool?

Are you just meeting to meet? Are you using meeting time to share reports? Or are you using meeting time to plan, dream, vision and implement?

Do you have a collaborative model of work? Do you assign tasks to a specific person at the end of each meeting? Do you have clear goals and expectations that need to be completed before you meet again?

Use some time this Monday to reflect on your last meeting. Did  you leave feeling empowered or did you leave feeling impaled? You know there is something you can do about that….

Monday Blessings,


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