Heart Month… for you and the church.

February is heart month. Be sure to monitor heart health, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.Churches should monitor heart health, too. Best heart intentions of churches and church members often need the help of admin review.Heart-hands-silhouette

If the heart action results in compensation to staff and you also seek deductibility, then there are tax and payroll consequences. Christmas offerings for staff to be deductible for the donor are taxable to the staff.

If the heart action results in a designated fund or fund drive proceed carefully. Designations are not easily altered and excess fund in those designations cannot be easily moved for other use. Try to include a secondary cause in your designated fund plan, even if you say “funds in excess of bus purchase will be used for XXX” helps broaden the legality of the designation.

If the heart action results in the helping of an individual be sure you have a sound benevolence fund policy in place and follow it. Richard Hammar has an excellent example in his book. Funds given for any individual, regardless of need can often be problematic in terms of deductibility.

Stay healthy, as individuals and churches, and run strong!

– Mike

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