Monday follows Sunday 2/2/15

a-line-of-telephone-poles-travels-george-grallI had a wise seminary professor once tell a class full of soon-to-be ministers that “Sunday’s were like telephone poles along a highway… one right after another.” At the time, I thought it was both a prophetic and a slightly disheartening way to look at Sunday. Since then, as I have developed a weekly rhythm in ministry, I understand what he was saying.

In church work, sometimes the tendency is to make Monday the “catch your breath” day. Yes, we all need to catch our breath, but we also need to be just as attentive to the functional aspects of ministry as we are to the spiritual practices. So if you Monday is your Sabbath day, implement these on Tuesday. The key is to implement them.

Each Monday, we hope to share a tip or strategy for making the most of your Monday. These aren’t going to be cheesy productivity tips, though they might help your productivity. They are going to be things that we have used and found helpful in our own ministry. Some may be helpful, some not. We just hope that you go into Monday with the same energy and focus as you would a Sunday.

Today’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought: Create a visual representation of your week. Whether that is post-it notes on your desk, a hand written calendar or a color-coded Google Calendar. Don’t just look at your week as a list of to-do’s and events. See it as a bank of time to be spent. A visual of the week will help you see how your week is balanced (or not-balanced) and where you could say “no” or “not yet” to not-so-important things so that you can say “absolutely” or “bring it on” to important things. This will allow you to feel more in control of your time, or at least know where it is all going.

calendar visual

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