Monday follows Sunday  3/9/15

Monday follows Sunday 3/9/15

Each Monday, we will share a tip or strategy for making Your Administrative Ministry Its Best.

This week’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought: 

My church, like many others, uses a variety of images to promote ministry events. As you see on this blog, photos can add pizazz to text. I have experienced that adding a photo to an article or news item draws more attention than the text itself.

As I put content together for the blog and other church publications, I often find an image that I think is perfect, but I am not sure if I can use it. In my quest to do a better job giving credit to the artist or photographer, I went searching for a guide.

Summary: Give credit where credit is due, or pay for its use.

I found a great infographic about this topic from The Visual Communication Guy.


I am going to add this document (with permission from creator, of course) to our downloads section.

This Monday, I invite you to do your due diligence in the area of copyrighted image usage. The church can be an example in solid business practices as a way of living out our faith in practice.

Good luck and happy editing.

Monday Blessings,


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