Ministry Minute: Change

Ministry Minute: Change

Mike’s Ministry Minute:

 Change cannot be external only.

In my consulting visits the topic of change inevitably comes up.  In brainstorming sessions many can assemble a rather impressive list of potential changes that might help move their organization’s mission and purpose forward.  They name the usual suspects:  new staff, new programs, the need for new members or clients, etc.

Notice what’s not included in that list?  Them.

When I pivot the question to include them, what will you change to help that to happen?  Voices often grow quiet.  There’s a lot of looking at the floor.  Folks want to buy change, they don’t want to do it.

Internal change, transformation, is harder.

But transformation and internal change are the only things that endure. If we aren’t changed, how do we expect the businesses, ministries, churches, communities we reside to change?

You want to see who is living and who is dying?  Want to measure real growth?  Want to know whether or not your organization will continue?

Start with you.  Are you willing to change?

This is where I could morph into preacher mode and cite all the scriptures and stories of Jesus where change was required.  He even sent away the rich young ruler, a significant giver to the church, because he was unwilling to change….

But business knows this truth, too.  Stephen Covey, Jim Collins, Tom Peters, Steve Jobs…the list is long.  If you don’t change, nothing else can.

So stop a minute today.  Recite that wish list of change you’d like in your world, your work, your church, your whatever.

Then start that other list.  The one that begins with you…and change.

Get back to me on that…