Policy: Snow Day

Policy: Snow Day

In light of this year’s string of snowy days, it might be a good time to revisit your policy on snow/ice cancellations and communications for such decisions.

First, does your church have a clear line of decision on cancellation?

Second, does your church have a clear line of communication once a decision is made?

Some things to consider:

1. Setting up a go-to place for weather announcements. Maybe that is your website, a voice mail box, or a phone tree.

2. Ponder aligning your weather decisions with the local school district. These communications tend to use major market media, so if you align with these decisions they will be well communicated (for free and at little effort to you).

3.In addition to cancellation policy, do you have clear language in your personnel policy about pay for your staff on these snow/ice days?

Some good examples of communication or policy:

Church of Christ, Fairfax, Virginia

Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Trinity Baptist Church, Cordova, Tennessee (Personnel Policy pg. 17)

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