Monday follows Sunday 3/16/15


This week’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought:

Why does this keep happening?

Lakeview Church Youth Minister Accused of Indecent Behavior

From my time in Children’s Ministry, this is a bit of a soap box for me – CHILD PROTECTION!

The world is full of broken, flawed, hurting people. The church should be a place of grace and welcoming, but also a place of safety. In creating a safe space for all, that means you have to put in place boundaries and protections.

Some questions to consider:
1. Where are your children’s ministry spaces?

Decades ago, church architects design church spaces where the children’s ministry spaces were out of sight of the main church space. The idea was that this design would free the ministry to have loud, boisterous games and events without disturbing the other people who were gathered. Unfortunately, we are still in these buildings but we can no longer have our ministries out of sight. Take time today to consider what you can do to make these spaces less invisible and thus less inviting to child predators.

2. Do you have a policy for community members with criminal records?

This is a tough one. Most of those that I have encountered with less-than-clear criminal records prefer to keep that to themselves, or at the least keep it from public community knowledge. That is where it is the churches job to make clear steps for anyone to enter leadership of children’s ministry. You can worship God without a background check, but you can’t volunteer in the nursery without one. Develop a plan of screening, developing and training leaders.

3. Do you have a supervision plan?

I know Sunday mornings are busy. I know you are pulled in 100 different directions. But when you don’t have a plan to cover your weak edges that is when something horrible like this has a chance to happen. If you can’t supervise, make sure that someone can. Pop in and out of classes on an irregular basis, so that leaders don’t know when to expect you and thus can’t plan around your arrival.

I am not a perfect person, no one is, but I try my best to protect the littlest and least in my charge. I hope that on this Monday you too will take steps to making church a safer place for everyone.

Monday Blessings,


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