Monday follows Sunday  2/23/15

Monday follows Sunday 2/23/15

Each Monday, we hope to share a tip or strategy for making the most of your Monday.We hope that you go into Monday with the same energy and focus as you would a Sunday.

This week’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought:

Transition. Transition is fun. Transition is grief. Transition is what it is, change.

Transition is hard, but a transition with a move amplifies the issue completely. If you place, “move”, “stress” and “statistics” in the Google machine, you will find that moving regularly ranks in the top five stress causing situations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you are moving into a new home across town or transitioning to a new position, how can you put your administrative skills to use to support yourself and your family during this time?

Clergy, on average, move every 3-10 years, so on the conservative side of that equation that means you probably are moving at least 3 times in a 30 year career.

These are some of the things I find helpful in times of transition:

1. Keep ONE list. – Don’t keep multiple lists. Carry a small notebook or have an app on your smart phone. This will allow you to trust your list and allow your mind to be free. Write down EVERYTHING you need to do on the ONE list. Don’t think about the length of the list, but take the items one at a time.

2. Extra Family Time – The ones you love most are the ones that will pick up on your stress the most. When in times of stress, many see family as the one thing they don’t have to worry about, thus causing them to fall to the bottom of the list. I would argue a reversal of that. Especially for families with children, extra time together will reinforce the notion of connection and support in this stressful time.

3. Breathe – There will be bumps along the way. The movers broke your “priceless” item. The mortgage company is piling on endless paperwork. You can’t find this or that. Remember that it will work out, or it won’t, but you will still be. Breathe in God’s peaceful presence in the midst of the chaos.

Don’t let the chaos of transition overpower the movement of God’s spirit in the midst of it all.

Monday Blessings,


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