Top 10 AdminIsMinistry Posts of 2017

Top 10 AdminIsMinistry Posts of 2017

We’ve had a lot of great conversations this year. Here are our TOP 10 posts of 2017… which are your favorite?

  1. 10 Gift Ideas for Church Leaders – ‘Tis the season to start writing your list and checking it twice. Many gracious and generous people add their church leaders to their list, so from our experience here at AdminIsMinistry, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for church leaders… Merry Christmas!
  2. Talking Above the Noise – Chat with Mark MacDonald – In this age of constant communication and even more noise, I wanted to know how churches could communicate better. I also wanted to see how churches could take part in social conversations without getting bogged down in the mud of politics or partisanship. In trying to understand that better, I reached out to a friend of mine, Mark MacDonald. Mark is a wealth of knowledge. Below is just a fraction of the wisdom Mark imparted on me in our conversation…
  3. 5 Reasons Why The Church Isn’t In The Hospitality Business – Church can fail if we focus on anything narrowly, including hospitality.  Failure rates of the industry do apply to church and we could learn lessons here of why to start or not start new congregations.  Spirit and mission are better sustainers than buildings, menus, style and trends.  Those have an 80% failure rate.
  4. Administrative Basics: Self Care 101 – We work really hard at what we do for our vocations, mostly because we are passionate about our work. Sometimes that leads to unbalanced schedules and then unbalanced lives.
  5. Follow Up: How One Pastor Guides Above the Noise – In God’s beautiful timing, as I was pondering this topic and considering how a community might communicate this attitude, my friend Rev. Dr. Katie Hays posted a pastoral letter to her community.
  6. You Have to Ask – 5 Steps to Asking for Money – the non-profit world is getting increasingly professional at talking about and asking for money, while the church is getting quieter and quieter.  We have to overcome our fear and our discomforts, for the sake of the Gospel, and find a healthy way to talk about this important resource to the church.
  7. From my experience with past storms – Storm response may not be on the front of your mind the rest of the year, but if these latest storms have taught us anything it is the importance of being ready and the importance of response
  8. 4 Skill Investments to Make in Your Volunteers – In our professional lives, development is a natural part of our ongoing pursuit to stay up to date on the latest information. Sometimes in the church, we overlook the importance of this ongoing investment in our volunteers. Our leaders need similar training if they are to stay the best at leading our children, youth, and congregation in ministry. Here are 4 training areas you might consider adding to your volunteer development…
  9. Giving Trends 2017 – Every year, there is a plethora of information that comes out about the statics and trends surrounding church giving and stewardship. Changes in fundraising”…are opportunities for nonprofit leaders to think creatively about revenue generation in the years to come…” Through the years, churches have had to consider changes in mode, cash to check to digital, and in methods, personal requests to letters to pledges to projections.
  10. When you welcome a new leader… – As human beings, we are all change averse. So please, take a deep breath. Even positive changes bring with it a variety of uncertainty, anxiety, and change. Make sure that you are entering into this new space with a clear head and an open heart.

Happy 2017… here’s to a great 2018 full of great church administrative ministry. Blessings.

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