10 Gift Ideas for Church Leaders

10 Gift Ideas for Church Leaders

Content is written by Rev. Micah James, CCA

‘Tis the season to start writing your list and checking it twice. Many gracious and generous people add their church leaders to their list, so from our experience here at AdminIsMinistry, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for church leaders… Merry Christmas!

  1. Night Out ($50) – The age-old combination of a movie gift card with a restaurant gift card is one of the best combinations for church leaders. It allows them to have a night out with their friends, partner, or spouse.
  2. Portable Surge Protector ($29) – Church buildings, if they weren’t built-in the last 20 years, were not built to handle the technology (and charging) of our current need. A great gift to put in a leaders bag of tricks is a small surge protector which allows them to expand the charging capabilities of any space. Note from Micah: My husband introduced me to this awesome gadget and I take it with me everywhere. It allows me to charge my phone and my other devices when only one plug is available. It also allows me to offer a plug or two to a friend. #happycharging
  3. Cell Phone Stand ($10)- In the busy life of church leaders, they always have a cell phone nearby… a handy cell phone stand that allows them to pull the charge cord through and easily read the screen while it is still on the stand is a great gift for the multi-tasking ministry leader.
  4. Amazon Echo Dot ($49) or Google Home Mini ($49) – The world is growing ever more connected and leaders need to stay connected too. These devices allow leaders to do anything from play music, to add things to their to their to-do list hands-free, to ask about the weather, news, and other information, and other handy tech tools incorporated into the device.
  5. AirBnb Gift Card (Amount Varies) – December is often one of the busiest seasons for church leaders. A gift card to get away after the rush of the season settles down would be a great and thoughtful gift for any leader. Note from Micah: I have found AirBNB to be a fun way to explore new places for an extremely reasonable price. Another bonus! 
  6. Business Backpack ($28) – Church leaders are always carrying laptops, notebooks, and all sorts of items from here to there. A great gift would be a top-notch backpack that is both protective and professional looking. Note from Micah: I use my backpack all the time! A great backpack can be a great asset to a leader. 
  7. A Great Book: “Getting Things Done” ($12) – This is a great system of effective workflow management! This book is the tip of the iceberg for management techniques and skills. It is on the AdminIsMinistry must-read list!
  8. A meal service like Freshly ($40) – Statistics tell us that families don’t eat together anymore, so meals from a pre-prepared service like this could be a HUGE gift to a busy leader. Note from Micah: For those with allergy or food concerns, Freshly has gluten-free and vegan options. My family has used these before and they are quite yummy! 
  9. Bluetooth Headphones ($35) – Earbuds are great, but lets be honest they hurt your ears after a while (my own personal bias – MJ). A great pair of headphones, with the ability to answer the phone or participate in a webinar, is a great addition to the church leaders toolkit.  Note from Micah: I recently made the switch from earbuds to headphones and I won’t be going back! This was a great investment for me. 
  10. Time (priceless) – An offer to babysit, or do some data entry, or write some thank you notes, or offer to do whatever odd job is needing to be done… the gift of time is one that cannot be quantified. Whether you give the time in a personal or professional capacity, this is a gift that will be greatly appreciated!

Church leaders work hard this time of year and they don’t expect gifts. A surprise token of appreciation might be a nice reminder that their work is not going unnoticed.

Blessings to you in this season.

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