Lessons from Hunters

Lessons from Hunters

Content by contributor Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA

You can always tell when it’s hunting season in Texas. The traffic on most roads changes dramatically. The count of pickups pulling small trailers overflowing with hunting paraphernalia is up. Four-wheelers, feeders, coolers, stands of all shapes and sizes, portable buildings (and everything to go in those buildings); everything is tinted in a green camouflage! There is a lot to see. The hunters know several important rules we in the church should know:

  1. To be successful, one must prepare. Standing in the woods won’t make you a hunter no more than sitting in a church will improve your spirit. You have to work at it. Mere presence is not enough.
  2. It takes the right tools. A butterfly net won’t get the job done, hunting wise, unless a monarch is all you’re after. Spiritual growth takes the right tools in the right life situation.
  3. You can’t over prepare. I know a lot of hunters that use this one to rationalize the latest purchase of the newest gear. The quests to be the best, to know everything about the process, and to practice to succeed are all keys to a successful Christian walk. How do we grow, if we don’t have a growth plan?
  4. It takes commitment. You have to dedicate your time, your resources, even your lifestyle if you’re serious about it. Some hunters prepare for months, for a single hunt. How much preparation do we put into our church life?
  5. The rewards are great. When all the work and planning come together, something great can happen. A trophy result is possible.

Church, we could learn a thing or two from our hunter friends. Let’s make sure we are sharing our best, and doing our best for the sake of the gospel – to do that we have to take make preparations, plans, and commitments.


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