Monday follows Sunday 2/16/15

Each Monday, we hope to share a tip or strategy for making the most of your Monday. These aren’t going to be cheesy productivity tips, though they might help your productivity. They are going to be things that we have used and found helpful in our own ministry. Some may be helpful, some not. We just hope that you go into Monday with the same energy and focus as you would a Sunday.

This week’s “Monday follows Sunday” thought:

data 2

In an effort to make this website as useful as possible, I have begun the process of gathering data from clergy colleagues.  I asked them questions about the administrative nature of their ministry, the time they spent on these items and what they felt ill prepared to accomplish.

One question I asked, though I should have realized the answer before I asked the question, was about their preparation for administrative ministry.

An overwhelming percentage of the respondents said they did NOT feel prepared for this area of their ministry.

Seth Polk, in his thesis “The Twenty-first Century Pastor: His Calling, Character and Competencies”, hypothesizes that the reason clergy are so unprepared for this part of their ministry is because “Church administration often is given only secondary attention at best because it is often not perceived to be as spiritual as other areas of ministry. It is view as something that has to be done, but only after the more spiritual activities have been completed.”

He goes on to argue that this is the wrong attitude to have about church administration, suggesting “this is faulty reasoning however, because church administration coordinates the underlying structure for all ministries of the church. If the foundation is faulty, the structure will also be faulty.”

So this Monday, I encourage you to make a plan. Make a plan to address some of your “growing edges” in the area of church administration. Plan to take a course. Read a new book. Set aside time to tackle that hard task. Make administration a ministry priority.

“If the foundation is faulty, the structure will also be faulty.” 

Monday Blessings,


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