Scalable ministry

Content was posted to Facebook on 3.22.2017 by Rev. Mike Hunter

Scalable ministry.

Often when I consult and invite churches to dream big I get this pushback: we’re not big enough, we don’t have those kinds of funds, we don’t have enough (they usually have a well-developed list-volunteers, etc.)

They’ve stopped before they’ve started.

And in doing so forgotten two things, one practical and one spiritual. First, most things are scalable, can be modified for your application. Second, the story of the disciples as the few that began this incredible movement, that when the spirit moves and you follow an inspiration in a cohesive manner…ministry can occur.

My entire career I’ve learned from larger churches, national leaders and speakers, dynamic successes, and dared to think what would that look like in my setting?

Opportunity is there. What will you do with it?


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