Better Questions = Better Attention

Ask better questions.Do better ministry.Content by Rev. Micah James, CCA

Pay attention – that is all I ask of pastors and leaders. When I teach or lead on the topic of church administration, I am not asking those in attendance to be instant experts. I am just asking that they start asking better questions and start pay attention to the administrative ministry.

So what questions should we ask to help  us pay attention, here are a few:

  1. Is this space safe? – From the floor to the ceiling, from doors to the windows, and everything in between – is the space I am currently standing in safe for ALL ages and abilities. Hesitation of doubt to the answer of this question should prompt further investigation (and possibly a little work).
  2. Is my purpose clear? – If you can’t easily articulate why you are doing what you are doing, then you need to spend sometime gaining clarity on purpose. Clarity of purpose encourages participation and fuels passion.
  3. Where did the money go? – From the Offertory plate or giving kiosk to the program or mission, can you trace where the dollars go? Can you confidently say that every dollar was used to its best possible purpose? If not, then start reviewing your financial checks and balances as well as your spending permissions.
  4. What does _____ do? – A questions that too often goes unanswered in churches. Put aside the joke that ministers “only work one day a week”, if you can’t articulate full-time job duties for full-time positions there is a good chance there is time and money being wasted. This question should prompt conversations about who does what and how they do it.

These are just a few questions that will start you down a path to administrative health.


(PS. – If you need help navigating these questions, shoot us an message. When we are not serving our own congregations, we give our time to help ministers and leaders with questions just like this. )

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