See the need.

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA

Can you come up with a synonym for water?

I bet not. There are words that mean the same thing as the verb form…irrigate, to wet or to run, as in the case of tears. But when it comes to the noun form, H2O itself, it’ s no easy task.

That could be because there really is no substitute. Everyday we are increasingly aware of the value and scarcity of water. It is the The church is at its best when we are a church that sees a unique need and steps up to fill it.primary substance of our very existence. We’re about 60% water, and the brain is comprised of almost 75% water and the blood, 82%. We can go about forty days without food, but only a few days without water. Then we die.

The church, the body of Christ, is the same way. We need to be refreshed and sustained. While the world is full of “water substitutes” – read the label carefully, they are mostly water. The religious world also offers substitutes but they, too, never match up to the primary source of spiritual development.Accept no substitutes.

How can the church be a place of renewal and strength? I’ m glad you ask!

See the need.

Instead of being an organization that attempts to fill wants, tastes and desires, the church should be a place that senses it unique need for the community. The implied second act of seeing that need is serving. Jesus didn’t have to be recruited to make the blind man see or the lame man walk. He simply saw need and found ways to meet it.The church is at its best when we are a church that sees a unique need and steps up to fill it.

You are an oasis, in more ways than one, in this dry desert land.

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