Dear Pastor: About those Lilies

Content by Rev. Paul Johnson, CCA

sejda-ELR-1I’m sure you can see the problem here…

Unless Brandon is the only high school student in the church, this will cause a lot of bad feelings. Beyond that, the church may already have a church group that is the benefit of the surplus and the church may make more than $2.50 on each lily sold. Then there is the problem of ordering and paying in advance to boot.

So how do we resolve this with Grace and Christian love and still look after the best interests of the whole church?

Well intended as Mildred may be, there is a huge amount of self-interest here. So treading lightly but firmly is the order of the day.

Honesty is always the best policy and simply stating that this will not work and why will be the best first response. If Mildred pushes back, then stronger action will be required. The compounding problems are the need for a confirmed number of plants and payment in advance since most churches wait until members place their orders and receive payment before committing to a specific number of plants.

The final straw is the assumption that a church member will “gladly” pickup and deliver the plants to the church. In too many cases that ends up being YOU.

This is a definite no, but treading lightly is the order of the day.

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