Thoughts: Sacred Cows

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA

sacred_cow_onpageI find sacred cows in the strangest places…

  • We welcome the new preacher…and keep talking about the old one
  • Lock up the doors and turn off the lights to save money…open the doors and let the community in
  • We’re willing to listen…unless you want to talk about “that”!
  • We welcome new leadership…we just have a one year wait before you can lead
  • We need to remodel…just don’t touch “that”
  • We need to go after young people…why don’t we play the organ more?
  • Of course this is God’s church…just remember “that” belongs to me
  • Yes to new programs…as long as we always do what we did for….
  • Of course I’m an elder…but I choose how to be one, right?
  • Our church needs to change…but I’ll be right here

I find sacred cows in the strangest places…cows in places where sheep should be. Stampedes in places where followership should be. Me first in places that whisper “this is God’s voice calling”.

Too many cows, sacred, or otherwise.

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