Thoughts: Do you send the steak back?

steak+generic1Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA

We send the steak back. We walk out of the theater when the movie doesn’t meet our liking. We go through doctors and dentist until we find the one who does things the way we want. We shuffle our kids to different schools to find the ones that teach the way we want it taught. We are power consumers, yes.

And then we dare think that’s the way it is with God and with church? Please quote me, chapter and verse.

When you look, the only verses you will find are how God won’t send us back, won’t walk out on us, won’t shuffle us off for someone better.

God’s love consumes us…not the other way around.


In this New Year, walk in the light of that love – in your administration, in your ministry, in your life.  Hold on, here comes 2016.

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