THOUGHTS: Advent Interruptions

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA

What happens when God interrupts us?

These days of the busyness of Christmas, most of us have long lists of “to-do’s”. Wrapping presents, scheduling parties, making sure the cards are mailed…not much time these days for interruptions. We are already overbooked and on overload.

Are we, like Mary, willing to be interrupted by God-It is in these moments that I think of Mary. It must have been the most extreme interruption. Engaged to Joseph, her days were full and she had more than enough to do. Her future was mapped. She knew what steps would be next and she thought she knew exactly how her life would be lived. It is exactly then that God’s messenger Gabriel changes her world…literally and forever.

Mary’s interruption, most significantly, was a child. The child. Every parent knows the wonderful interruptive nature of children. Routines and private lives go out the window with the arrival of children. And while so much is lost; so much more is gained when the gift of children come into our lives.

But this is not just any child. These good tidings of Gabriel are tidings of a lifetime of interruptions. Mary responds to the news with a wonderful, prayerful statement. Let it be to me according to your will.

Impressive. Mary was someone who heard God’s call and responded to it. She acknowledged that she was being interrupted, and she recognized the interruption came from God, and she embraced it.

What about us?

Are we willing to allow God to interrupt our well-planned lives? Are we too busy to consider God has other plans?

The next time someone wishes us a Merry Christmas, perhaps we can hear in that wish a question:

Are we, like Mary, willing to be interrupted by God?

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