All Souls Day – #MondayFollowsSunday

Monday Follows Sunday is a series of challenges and prompts for your Monday morning. Inspired by by this quote: “[God’s] as capable of intervening in your office on Monday afternoon as [God] is in your church on Sunday morning.” – Andy Stanley, When Work and Family Collide.

Content by Rev. Micah James, CCA

Today is All Souls Day. Yesterday in worship we lifted up the names of those in our church community who had died in the last year. It is a symbolic remembrance that I have experienced in many faith communities as a way of remembering and honoring those people.


Inevitably, at this annual celebration, when given the chance, I mention my grandparents – Memaw, “B”, and Grandpa. I tell a story, or 10, most often about my Memaw. She was the first female minister and administrator I knew though she probably wouldn’t have claimed the title of minister for herself.  She inspired my dad and I to pursue church administration.  In many ways, she is part of the reason this website and resource exists.

As I consider all the things I have learned from the saints in my life, I also consider the many things I wish I could have said to them. I know Memaw would be so incredibly proud of the administrative ministry I am doing today. I know she would give me a hard time on the “new” way of doing and being church, in a way that prompted me to consider the why not just the what. I know she would cook for me and bake for me to help celebrate important milestones.

So on this Monday, ponder the Saints of your life, living and deceased. What would they say to you? What would you say to them? Then, when the opportunity arises…. tell those stories, often. Not only will it honor their memory and their influence, it will empower and convict you to honor them in your work.

Many blessings on this Monday.


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