God’s Church Deserves…

God’s Church Deserves…

Content by Rev. Mike Hunter, CCA. Edits by Rev. Micah James, CCA.

Thoughts for Churches Preparing a Capital Campaign… 

If we wanted cheap, we could do that easily, but it wouldn’t be right. If we wanted quick, we could do that, too, but we would have to live with the result for a decade or more.

God’s church deserves our best efforts, plans and actions. Unless you are a sprinter or a NASCAR driver, fast usually isn’t a good thing. So pray as architects, engineers and contractors help communities go through the important work of planning and estimating. 

But know, we all should all be doing the very same thing. The same work of planning and preparing for doing good, God work. Anything worth doing well takes a little time. 

Spiritual practices. They, too, take time.  Anything less will result in buildings, priorities, life decisions that are…well…not well constructed. I think we all know what kind of results we get when that happens.

We can do better than that. We will do better than that. Even if it takes longer than we would like.

God’s church deserves our best.

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