Intentional Collaborative Ministry

Intentional Collaborative Ministry

Content written by Rev. Mike Hunter

Very early in my ministry career I was part of a staff that intentionally made site visits part of our development. Once a year we would assess an area we wanted to focus, identify a church that did this well and arrange a visit to learn from them. We did this for several years. No one told us no. We would have to coordinate schedules but each one made time for us. It is one of many reasons I make time via AdminisMinistry for the calls, emails and visits. It is important to share.

On one particular visit with a very successful program minister, after spending all day with them, and as time was coming to a close, I ask them the “wrap up” question: What one resource has proved most helpful in your last year of ministry? I expected them to point to some conference or key leader. Perhaps some aha of programming of accomplishment by that church. Instead, without hesitation, this clergy turned around to his bookshelf and immediately pulled two resources and handed them to me. He gave them to me.

One was In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters. As he handed to me he said read this and insert the word church every time it says business. The other was a tape series, with notes, Creative Thinking, by Mike Vance, former head of Disney University. Both changed my life and set me on a course to be more intentional about how to be creative, and how to capture creativity and  inspiration. Being able to assess current situation, understand traditions and then seek potential are crucial to the development of any organization but especially the church.

Innovation is the creation of the new or the rearranging of the old in a new way.” Mike Vance

In many ways, the entire life and ministry of Jesus was about setting priorities and adhering to them. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”
brilliantly sums up the entire message of Jesus. In other words, get your priorities straight and everything else will fall into place
.” – Bob Briner

Success is: Knowing your purpose; Growing to maximum potential; Sowing seeds to benefit others.” –  The Success Journey

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Successful companies who want to get things done are not afraid to try things, to experiment.
Again, the flexible and informal organization is the context in which “trying something new” will work.
” Tom Peters

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