Discounted Software for Churches

Discounted Software for Churches

from the Rev. Paul Johnson

Microsoft has been setting a new pace at upgrading their customers to their new Windows 10 for free. That’s great if you have a qualifying product already but what if you don’t? Also if you have decided to use the Microsoft Cloud products 365 you can also get a “free” upgrade to Office 2016.

That is certainly a new twist for churches struggling to gain access to affordable current software but there are many other products or options that you still may want to buy. Several of the large software providers offer special pricing for schools and educational institutions and now also churches.

One of the best is a company called they are a not for profit that is designed to be easy to use and supportive of church needs.

Tech Soup is a reputable company and often recommended by church software consultants. The link below takes you directly to the Microsoft catalog where you will find excellent prices on Microsoft products. (LINK to CATALOG)

Or just go to: to see their entire site

You will need to provide a tax exempt 501c3 certificate in order to qualify for this kind of discount. For churches that are part of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ here is what you will need – their EIN number is 35-0868116 – This is not a secret its listed on the web. Our official (Legal) name is “General Assembly of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Inc.” Your church is under the umbrella of our denominational entity as a 501c3 organization.

Some of the providers that offer discounts are:


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