Friday Thoughts: “Go with God”

“You cannot stay where you are and go with God” – Henry T. Blackaby

I’ve been reflecting on this “go with God” idea.

For Noah, it meant building a boat…the first boat ever…in a time and place when there was no need for a boat.

For Abraham, while living with his father, he received a message from God calling him to separate himself from his comfortable and familiar surroundings and go to a new country.

Moses followed God through forty years of wandering…and wandering…and wandering. At every step, the people complained, second guessed, even went off on tangents. Still, Moses followed and delivered the believers to the promised land.

Peter left a successful fishing business to go with God. He literally walked off the job to follow the call to go. Several times, he questioned that decision, as any good business person would, but he never abandoned the call.

Paul was chased by a mob, ridiculed by church leaders, imprisoned and shipwrecked for the sake of the call.

I often reflect what “going with God” means for me. Do you wonder what it means for you? What does it mean for the church?

Do you consider how the next going moment might require something different than the last? It doesn’t mean the last time wasn’t good. It doesn’t mean we weren’t faithful or generous or loving. We are all of that. But faith calls us to continue to journey. It compels us to continue to go. We cannot stay where we are.

I want to go with Noah and build a boat where a boat’s never been. I want to run with Abraham, claiming the promise that its all right to leave the safe and comfortable land and know what its like to be blessed by God. I yearn for the strength and character of Moses, I want God to empower us with knowing power…growing power…going power…and more.

I cling to the promise of Peter, that in my high moments and my low moments, God still loves me. And that makes it very ok to go.

I want to go with you, God. Wherever you lead, I want to go. How ever you inspire, I want to go. No matter the issue or obstacle, I want to go, God.

I want to grow.

I want to go.

Do you want to go?


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