Do you really know? #MondayFollowsSunday

Do you really know? #MondayFollowsSunday

There are many profiles and predictors in the world. Many more labels and categories. As a culture, we seek to better understand ourselves, and in turn, be better understood.

We know whether we are an INFJ or an ESTP. We know whether we are an introvert or extrovert. We know whether we are a cloud soul or a sunny soul. All of those have their benefit. All of those have their purpose. None of them are the end all be all. None of them will “fix” you, only inform you.

So what do we do with all that knowledge?

One of the quotes that continued to be repeated on my spiritual retreat last week was the phrase “you know, but you don’t really KNOW.” Indicating we know a lot of things in our minds, our intellectual self, but there are still limits to the way that knowledge impacts our actions and our living.

On this Monday, I urge you to take a moment and consider what you know… science, math, history, theology, spiritual practices, and the like… and then take a moment to consider what you KNOW…. faith, God, relationships, love, peace, and all the other things that impact your actions and your life.

Is there a place where you limit where you knowledge impacts your action? Simple example: We know fast food is bad for us, but we continue to eat it.

Are there ways you can allow what you know in your mind to impact how you act in your life?

It is not easy. It wasn’t ever promised to be easy.

Monday Blessings,


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