Sabbath isn’t just a Sunday thing…

Sabbath isn’t just a Sunday thing…

Monday Follows Sunday is a series of Monday morning reflections and challenges to carry the spiritual renewal of Sunday worship into the Monday duties of ministry. Monday does follow Sunday and God can be found in both. 

This morning I find myself up early and at the airport. For the last 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a member of the Bethany Fellows. This is a group of young clergy with the distinct purpose of eliminating clergy burnout within the first five years of ministry. Though this will be my last retreat, there are several sustaining rhythms that I will take with me beyond my participation in this group.

  1. Silence – These retreats include a full 24 hours of silence. This is not something I did regularly before joining this group, but it will be an enduring discipline in my ministry. The silence allows for the pace to slow and the brain to stop “stirring”. There is no agenda in the silence, no to-dos, just being with and in the presence of God and creation.
  2. Safety – Built into the nature of this community is a small group of safe disclosure. I can spill my guts, vent, celebrate, cry, laugh and share with the full understanding that it will neither be held against me or shared.  This will be hard to recreate, but it will be worth the effort to try to find similar safe spaces in ministry.
  3. Away – As a mom, a wife, a minister, a friend, a daughter, etc. being alone is increasingly rare.  While I miss my babies every moment, it is renewing to my spirit and my soul to reconnect with me as just me. Getting our of town and out of my normal space allows me to walk slower, notice my own bodies needs (sleep, for instance), and be in a state of rest. It is not a place I would want to stay forever, my extrovert nature would go crazy, but it is a good reset for my soul.

On this Monday, I am more convicted than ever to included these rhythms of Sabbath without the “forced” schedule of this wonderful group.

Where do you find your Sabbath? You know, Sabbath isn’t just a Sunday thing.

Monday Blessings,

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  1. Thank you for sharing this pragmatic and powerfully sustaining wisdom you’ve gleaned from your time in Bethany Fellows. Great ideas! As for the second rhythm in the list, “safety”, one of the great learnings that has been “discovered” again and again over the last decade or so of research into sustaining pastoral excellence has to do with ministers creating their own grass-roots cohorts (groups) of clergy in which they can commit to such mutual care as you’ve noted above, and then abide and grow through the rich collegial relationships such groups offer. If you are not now a part of a cohort, I would highly recommend inviting some colleagues to create one with you.

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