Monday Follows Sunday: Message Matches Action

Monday Follows Sunday: Message Matches Action

2015-08-17 08.28.07 HDR-1On my way into the office this morning, I was in a rush, so I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. Not my first choice, but a choice of convenience.

While in the drive through, I encountered this. Yes, that says “fresh ingredient garden”. I give props to McDonald’s for the effort, but to be honest, but that is not something I would expect to see.

This has me thinking… and I offer a question for you to ponder on this Monday morning.

Does the message your church communicates to your community match what you offer inside?

I hope that this sign at my local McDonald’s is a sign of a new movement in fast food, but I am skeptical.

As for church, I hope that our message of hope and grace is experienced every time someone walks through our door, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Any church has to work hard to welcome the broken, feed the hungry, help the helpless, and shelter the homeless.

I have seen time and time again the hospitality and welcome that a church community can offer.  “Welcome” signs have to manifest in an experience of grace, “Come” signs have to translate in to “Go into the world”, “Worship” signs have to point to sincere experiences of God.

I never though a sign at McDonald’s would have me thinking about community and communication, but then again, you just never know where the Spirit is going to prompt reflection.

So on this Monday, join me in prayer for community, connection, and clear communication of the Good News.

Have a great Monday.

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