Oklahoma in October

GA 2015 MJI have made it a yearly tradition to take the week of my birthday as vacation.

As a part of my passion, I am offering a workshop special for anyone within reasonable driving distance of my home during that week.

Sure, I plan to rest and read, play and plan, but if you are looking for a staff development seminar, leadership workshops or volunteer training, I am ready and willing to add you to my vacation week.

Usually the one day workshop fee, with travel and meals, is around $650. But during the week of October 11-17, if you are within 2 hours of Edmond, OK, the fee will be reduced to $150 for a 1-2 hour workshop.

I love teaching and supporting churches in the area of administrative ministry.  If this is something your church is interesting in pursuing, email me micah [at] adminisministry [dot] com. Dates will be first come, first serve.

Administrative Blessings,

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