Free Administration Tool

Free Administration Tool

One of the most overlooked resources for any congregation is the Handbook for Treasurers that is published as a pdf for any church to download. All you have to do is follow the link below and off you go….

Treasurers Handbook (Disciples of Christ)

It has just been revised and updated for 2015 and is available now. Don’t let the title fool you. This is an excellent resource for any church leader that seeks to establish a strong ministry that is accountable to their congregation. Here is what you get…..

  1. Chapter 1: Congregational Financial Matters
    A. Budgeting
    B. Principles and Procedures for Handling Money

    1. Phases of Budgeting
    2. Types of Budgets
    3. Record keeping
    4. Bonding Officers
    5. Financial Examinations
      C. Funding Major Capital Expenditures
      D. Managing Accumulated and Permanent Funds
  2. Chapter 2: The Congregation as Employer
    A. Ministerial Salary and Parsonage Matters
    B. Employee Benefit Programs
    C. Taxes and Tax Reporting
  3. Chapter 3: Outreach
    A. Disciples Mission Fund, Week of Compassion and Reconciliation Mission
    B. The Administration and Distribution Process
  4. Chapter 4: Accumulated Resources
    A. Wills and Trusts
    B. Deferred Giving
    C. A Congregational Program
    D. Memorial Funds
    E. Management of Funds
  5. Chapter 5: Church Investment Opportunities
    A. Opportunities with Disciples Church Extension Fund
    B. Opportunities with Christian Church Foundation
  6. Appendices
    1. Sample Accountable Reimbursement Plan
    2. Remittance Form – Pension Plan, Tax Deferred, Health Care
    3. Change of Employer/Addition of Employer Form – Pension Plan
    4. Sample Permanent Fund Policy from Christian Church Foundation
    5. Sample Conflict of Interest Policy
    6. Sample Role of the Board of Directors
    7. Sample Ethics Policy

I  strongly recommend that you download a copy for all your church leadership – It can really be a big help in understanding why we need solid financial policies in the church and how to create them.. AND IT’S FREE!

(Written by AdminIsMinistry Contributor, Paul Johnson)

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