Friday Thoughts: Diverse Without Being Divided

As a church we can be what the world is not. We can be diverse without being divided. We can be united without being uniform. As a church we can do what the world has not done. CampbellThomasWe can include without being exclusive. We can accept and affirm without acquiescing that absolutely anything goes. We can open our hearts without closing our minds, and open our minds without closing our hearts. We can accept humility without be humiliated. We can lose ourselves to a higher purpose without falling apart.

For, as church, our center was never ourselves. It was, is, and always will be Jesus of Nazareth, whom we declare…if we never, ever make any other declaration…is the Christ of God, that is, the flesh and blood answer to God’s love for each of us. When we let this Jesus, this Christ, be the hub around which all else revolves, many of those things that tend to divide dissipate.

We find that living in our differences is a thing of ease, if not joy. We find ourselves part of a magnificent body, made up of different parts, with different functions, complementing, honing, challenging, magnifying, bettering, and letting ourselves be bettered, as the whole body moves toward Christ’s vision, “that all be one”.

Surely we, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), believe this to be true.

— Quote from “One Church, Thoughts on Thomas Campbell”

I could not have said it any better. – Mike
(Original content shared August 2009 by Mike Hunter)

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