Monday Follows Sunday: Finding your Sweet Spot of Ministry

I came across a version of this exercise on a blog ( Since seeing it, it has really stuck in my mind. I have used the modified version below a lot in my ministry as I talk with ministry leaders about their gifts and skills and how best to match it with the functions of the church.

Finding your sweet spot

On this Monday, I invite you to do this exercise.

1. Draw the diagram to the right.

2. Spend 3-5 minutes reflecting on each question.

3. Write down ideas and thoughts that come immediately to mind. (If you run out of ideas or are having a hard time, then stop, don’t force the answers)

4. Evaluate and assess where these three questions intersect.

5. Plan one action step that will get you closer to working in your sweet spot of ministry.

Mondays, too, are a gift. Use them wisely! Monday Blessings, Micah

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