Friday Thoughts: Calling

We do not pick our calling; we pick what we do with the calling given to us.

The quote above I discovered a long time ago and it became formative in my theology behind In His Steps.  God gives a lot of gifts.  God has a calling for each of us.


“I don’t have any gifts”, is simply not true.  We all have gifts.

“I don’t feel called”, means we’re not listening for that still, small voice or we haven’t heard or connected to that opportunity just yet.

We are gifted.  We are called.

The unanswered question can only be:  What will we do with what God gives?

Over and over in our ministry  it has been my joy to watch communities and people share gifts and calling.  Opportunities once thought impossible or improbable have happened because folks discerned God’s call and answered it.

Those past and future callings share a similar progression:  As we grow in our faith we become aware of a holy presences, have an open attitude, and then take action.

Awareness.  Attitude.  Action.

That’s what we’re supposed to do with our gifts.  I see that pattern not only in a clergy person’s call to ministry but in the dedication of a classroom teacher, the community leader that makes things happen for good, a church member that exudes stability and harmony that positively affects the decisions the church makes.

Almost every day, God’s call is revealed in so many ways.

What will you do with yours?

Mike (Original Content Written January 2015)

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