Monday Follows Sunday: Mentor or Monitor

Monday Follows Sunday: Mentor or Monitor

I have had the privilege of spending the last 8 days at the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Not only was I a participant, as a CCDOC clergy, but I was also invited to speak and share a workshop on the “Best Practices  and Resources of to Manage Church Related Employees”.

As I prepared for the workshop, I considered all the great mentors I have had in my ministry. I also remembered the lessons I learned on what to do and not to do from those mentors. I also considered what the magic-something that makes someone a mentor versus just a monitor.

A monitor…

  • watches instead of participates.
  • talks instead of listens.
  • critiques before encourages.
  • evaluates without historical understanding.

A mentor

  • gets down in the trenches with you.
  • listens, a lot, before talking.
  • watches for moments to encourage and finds the way that support will be best received.
  • learns the history and the narrative before offering constructive evaluation.

In my current context, I directly supervise 3 full-time ministry staff and indirectly supervisor many more. As I consider what my supervisor/supervisee relationship will look like and how it will grow in the next few months, I will keep this list in mind.

On this Monday, review and prayerfully consider your relationship to those who walk with you in ministry. Are you a mentor or a monitor?

Monday Blessings.

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