Friday Thoughts: The Church Home-less

empty_churchIt was a rare occasions that found me speechless. I could not respond to a comment from a faithful church member. I even wrote a note in my Day Timer, “unable to speak”.

Engaged in conversation concerning the spirit of our church and the many exciting things going on, thoughts turned to evangelism and the action of inviting someone to church. “Invite someone to church”, I said. “Someone from work or your circle of friends”, I added. The genuine response followed, “I don’t know anyone that doesn’t already go to church”. “All my friends are very active in a local church. I wouldn’t know who to invite.”

They were willing, but the faithful church member genuinely didn’t know anyone that was moving through life without a church. On the one hand, that meant our dear member was running with a faithful group of people. On the other…how do we get the word out to those who have no home, church-wise? See why I was speechless?

There is a new generation of homeless people emerging in our community–the church homeless. It has nothing to do with their economic condition, rather, they are adults that never had a faith experience…ever. How do we know who they are? How do we ask without offending? Where in the world would we meet them? Do we, as a church, offer the message of Christ in a way they would understand and accept?

If we understand the challenge of the Great Commission, we must struggle with the answers to these important questions. If all we do is just for us, then we have missed the point. We have to find those spiritually homeless individuals and families and invite them to have an encounter with Christ. Then, we can share word and table.

Look for someone to adopt and nurture this week. You might run in to me as I struggle to do the same.

Mike (original content written September 2000)

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