Reading List: General Assembly Edition #DisciplesSoar

Reading List: General Assembly Edition #DisciplesSoar

GA2015-Logo-HiRes-BlueBGAs the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) gather in Columbus, OH, what also gathers is a plethora of resources in the form of speakers, books and content.

All week, Rev. Micah will be sharing her favorites from the conference. Be sure to check back as this list will grow throughout the conference.

1. Blessed are the Crazy – Sarah Griffith Lund
I first met Sarah at a Bethany Fellows retreat. Since that day, I have learned from Sarah about the great need for safe spaces to talk about mental health issues. It is no longer something that we can hide, but we need to bring out in the open of our communities. Sarah’s book is a testimony to her own personal struggles and a prophetic word calling the church to consider how to create these safe spaces.

2. Whole: A Call to Unity in Our Fragmented World
General Minister and President, Sharon Watkins, shares her thoughts on the unique ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

3. This I Believe… (TCU)
IMG_5739At the TCU/Brite luncheon, wonderful news and community was shared. One of the best resources shared was a booklet entitled “This I Believe…” – a booklet full of stories and reflections from TCU students and alumni. It is a wonderful compilation of stories and testimonies. The web version can be found at

4. “You Can’t Be Serious” 
Dr. Amy Butler shared and challenged the CCDOD gathering on Monday night to “JUMP!” My words would do a disservice to summarize, so just read it and breathe it in.

5. Making Sense of the Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture – Adam Hamilton
Though I haven’t yet read this one, several of my church members attended his workshop during Assembly. They left the conversation challenged and curious to rediscover the Bible. So in my opinion, that is a good thing. I will be reading this very, very soon!

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