How To Deal With Rogue Operators

How To Deal With Rogue Operators

Lets talk about your social media operation for a moment.  You’ve done a ton of work on your content, worked on setting up the correct pages, and even done some messaging or “voice” exercises.  So now you have a social media plan and you have started producing content that is scheduled and relevant to your overall message.

Have you run into issues with rogue operators? Meaning individuals or smaller groups of people who have appointed themselves in charge of social media for your group?  Perhaps they have a page/account set up that was supposed to be “helping” but instead has fallen into disrepair. Are they pulling your community off target and out of focus?

missing targetOr maybe you have the opposite problem and you have an incredibly overactive page/account that is using language/images that just aren’t in line with what you have worked so hard on.  What do you do?

If you have a Facebook group that was created without your authorization or by a group of people who’ve let it go stagnant, you can report it to Facebook and they will investigate it and potentially close it.  This link will help you with all of your potential reporting issues…

Perhaps you have a domain name or website that was created without your knowledge or has gone defunct.  If you can’t get through to the administrator or person in charge. Most domain companies or hosting companies have a contact or report feature on their main page that would allow you to send a note about either taking control or having the site/domain suspended.  Below is a link to a hosting company I’ve used that has a great support department.  This will give you an idea of what you are looking for.

So lets say you have a problem with an “overactive” group of people. Well, here are a list of suggestions I have for you…

  1. Try finding and contacting the organizer and see if you can set up a meeting to talk about the group/site.  Discuss ways their “active” community could work with your new organization to better advance your groups causes as a collective effort.
  2. Read through their concerns and see if their claims have any validity, if so see about solving the problems.  Turn the negative comments as way to positively improve your organization.
  3. If the activity continues, try to find a way to take it offline.
  4. Are the comments or discussion untrue or defamatory, ask the site as noted above to take the site/comments/group down. Libelous speech is illegal even on the Internet.
  5. Encourage people in your organization to start their own positive community that reflects the true values of your organization.

keep-an-eyeKeep in mind that now you’ve worked so hard to get your social media under control, you must keep an eye on what others are saying about you.  Pay attention to Google results about your organization as well as what others are saying about you on the Internet. A diligent eye can save you a ton of heartache.

– Nick James (AdminIsMinistry Social Media Guru)

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