Leadership in the midst of chaos…

Leadership in the midst of chaos…

Leadership after chaos-I wrote a little about this yesterday, as I prayerfully pondered an appropriate response to the latest in national tragedies.

I have struggled, since the news broke, to articulate my feelings of pain, my feelings of confusion, my frustration with incessant violence, and my own lack of clarity about what to do to be a part of a reconciling, peace-making spirit.

Yesterday, the congregation that suffered the tragedy worshiped together again. (Charlotte Observer Link). What a simple, powerful testimony to the power of community, the power of Christ, the power of worship, and the power of light over darkness.

It reminded me, on this Monday, of the essence of pastoral leadership. When we as leaders are in doubt of what to do, we can always worship, pray, sit in community, gather around the table, talk, listen, and trust.

All of that will help to discern what to do… because there is still a lot to do.

Bless you as you lead your community’s in this time of uncertainty, chaos and tension. May you be vessels of peace, leaders for justice and humble examples of authentic relationships.

Monday Blessings,

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