Has Your Organization Lost Its Voice?

Has Your Organization Lost Its Voice?

So now that you are thinking more strategically about your social media messages and have created a schedule for when and what you are posting, lets discuss the voice and tone you are using in those posts.

When I say voice and tone, I mean how are your readers/subscribers/followers reading what you are saying?  How are they “taking” the words you are typing on the page?

Have you ever had the problem that the joke or funny quip you typed to someone in an email just wasn’t very funny or maybe a little offensive because they didn’t really get the voice and tone you were using?  Well a bit of thought before starting or while creating a new social media or communication campaign can help you avoid those awkward posts.

So lets think for a minute, if you quell the personality of your organization’s projected communications down to an adjective, what would it be?  Serious, Funny, Positive, Professional? In what tone of voice are you using? Humble, Honest, Direct?  Take a minute and think about it and come back when you written those two things down.  Having trouble with this exercise?

Check out this article from the social media experts at Buffer.

OK, now that you’ve come up with your descriptive words, lets consider a few things…

  1. Based on the “Killer Content” you’ve created, how can you use your Voice and Tone to better frame what you are saying?
  2. When you’ve written out your latest post, read it out loud to yourself or better yet have a colleague read it to you.  Does this sound like something you or your organization would say?
  3. Go back over some of the things you wrote before you started working on your social media strategy.  Do things sound similar or is your voice different now that you’ve sat down and thought it through?
  4. Find a trusted member of your organization, someone who isn’t involved in your communications work. Ask them to read a few of the posts you’ve written before you started working on your strategy and then some from after.  Ask them what the difference are.

Once you’ve completed all those exercises, you should have general idea of what your voice once was versus what you are intending for it to be.  Now if things are drastically different, that is okay, sit back and ponder what may have changed.  Is something different in your organization? Are you communicating for a different reason now versus then?  Was there a different author.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone has a different voice, work from a place that is relatable for you and your organization.  Your readers want something that is authentic and reflects you and your group’s ideals.

If you are still struggling with Voice and Tone, definitely check out the article mentioned above or some other articles I’ve listed below.




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