Come to Church vs. Come meet Jesus

Come to Church vs. Come meet Jesus

I have about a 15 minute commute each morning. These days, in between the renditions of “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee” and toddler commentary about “the news making me sleepy, ” I continue one of my favorite hobbies  – reading church signs. I have seen a lot of signs in my 32 years…

There are some bad ones…


Some really bad ones…


Some inappropriate ones….


I will be the first to tell you that I think that marketing, signage, communication and messaging are so important for a church. On this Monday, I ask you to consider what you are inviting people to do.

Are you inviting people to come? come inside? come to a program?
Are you inviting them to meet Jesus? have a transformative experience? change their life?

Those are two very different messages.

Take a moment on this Monday, play this song and consider – what am I inviting my community to be a part of?

Monday Blessings,

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