Creating a Content Schedule

Creating a Content Schedule

So you’ve been working really hard to come up with great content ideas.  Your church has been thinking strategically about what you are saying on Social Media and how it relates to your overall message. Now that you’ve got some momentum with your content ideas, lets talk about the schedule you are using.

In a previous post I mentioned one of the most important Tips for Killer Content was to make sure all your Social Media messaging was on a specific schedule.  Scheduling posts and connecting with members/readers/followers on a regular, consistent basis is a great way to build an audience.  Not only does it show your readers that you are capable of scheduling something and following through, but it also shows them you are committed to your message.

Scheduled content doesn’t mean you have to post Facebook updates or new blogs more often than you are comfortable, it just means you have to commit to a regular posting and stick with it.  Having a content schedule also means you can start planning ahead to the topics you want to discuss or the message you want to focus on.

The topic of content schedules has many examples and frankly a basic Google Search of “content schedules” will give you a limitless number of perfectly reasonable hits.  I’ve listed a few of my favorite articles below that should give you good, printable examples.  Because if I tried to list it all, this article would be 15 pages long.

  1. How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar – Hootsuite
  2. How to Create and Schedule Social Media Content – Buffer
  3. The Social Media Content Calendar Every Marketer Needs – HubSpot
  4. How to Create a Social Media Schedule – Constant Contact

Hopefully these articles can give you some further direction on just what you need to do to get your content schedule up and running.  In future posts we will discuss the applications you can get for free or for a small monthly fee that can help you schedule posts in connection with your new schedule.

(Content written by Nick James, AdminIsMinistry Social Media Guru)

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  1. I feel that you should include Mass Planner here because their software is the best scheduling tool in the market right now. Nonetheless, this is a great post. Thanks.

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