Administrative Ministry's Most Complicated Task

Administrative Ministry's Most Complicated Task


I see everything through the lens of my call to stewardship. Almost everything, in my view, can be summarized in a matching resources with need, matching people with service, matching places with purpose, or matching money with mission. That doesn’t mean I am perfect at this ministry, it just means that I am incredibly convicted and committed to this task.

It is one thing to see the world in this way. It is quite another to make it happen. There are hundreds of thousands of charity’s trying to accomplish similar goals. Some more successful than others. So what makes this church any different from a charity?

Some would argue that there is not much different between fundraising and traditional stewardship, and at face value they are probably right.

What makes stewardship Administrative ministry’s most complicated task is it baggage.

From pew rents to selling indulgences, from Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker to Creflo Dollar (yes, Dollar) the church has done some strange things with money. Stewardship has become a “bad word” of sorts because of abuses and scandals.

So how do we reclaim stewardship? How do we talk about money without causing our community members to turn up their noses? How do we resource and equip the church without becoming professional fundraisers?

There is no easy answer. First and foremost, we have to name that we do what we do for a reason. That reasons is bigger than nickels and noses. That reason is God’s purposes, not ours.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” – Colossians 3:23

As you prepare for the doing of ministry this week, I invite you to reflect on your own theology of stewardship.

1. Do you speak with a bias against stewardship?
2. Do you clearly name what the church is doing and what they need to accomplish it?
3. Are you regularly communicating your own struggles and victories in your life-long journey to be a faithful disciple?
4. Are you giving to your church? If not, why? If so, do you have a plan to grow that giving?
5. Do you feel confident in speaking to the fullness of stewardship throughout the year, not just for a season?
6. Are you using the language of abundance or scarcity? Why do you think that is?

God has called us all to use our gifts for Kingdom purposes. Now we just have to figure out how exactly we are supposed to do that well.

Monday Blessings, Micah

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