Where Do I Get "Killer" Content?

smmarketingSo now you’ve had some time to think about why content is important and you understand how to set up your Facebook Page or your Facebook Group.  But you looking at yourself and your organization and saying “I’m not a writer, I’m just an administrative assistant or I’m just a volunteer or I’m just a minister.”  Well yes, that may be your official title but in The Internet of Things, everyone can be a content creator, writer, blogger or social media master, they just have to take a leap and practice.

So ask yourself this basic question…What do people come to you and ask? Take a minute and think about that…I’m watching this while I wait (that Maru, he gets me every time.)

Ok, welcome back, I’m glad you’ve come up with something.

Take that idea and extrapolate upon it.  Why do people ask you about this? Do you have some special expertise they don’t get from others? Do you have a unique perspective that is not currently available in the marketplace?

Now do some research on the idea or topic, figure out what people are saying.  Do you agree or disagree? Start jotting down your thoughts and ideas, keep reading and researching.  I’d imagine after a few minutes of connection on the topic you’ll come up with some ideas of your own.  Write those down, you just created your own content ideas.

So how does this apply to the organization you are working with, the one you are probably reading this blog to figure out how to help? Well the same questions apply. Why are people coming to your organization? What unique perspective do you have they isn’t currently available in the marketplace? How does that perspective relate to what you and your associates have agreed is your central message? Do those things match?

Now that you’ve done all this, asked yourself or your organization these questions, do you have ideas for Killer Content?

Need more ideas? I thought that might be the case, read this book. It’s a little bit dated, but I promise the ideas stored within its pages will help.

Still haven’t come up with anything? Email me, I’ll help you with a messaging exercise.

(Content written by Nick James, AdminIsMinistry Social Media Guru)

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